Vehicle Sanitation

Almost all agencies that responded to our survey have increased vehicle cleaning as a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for their customers and staff. Just over half reported that they are asking riders to board buses using the rear doors, while about a third have installed barriers to protect drivers from infection. 

Examples of each policy, as implemented by transit agencies: 

Extra cleaning

  • Metro (Los Angeles, CA)
  • TTC (Toronto, ON)
  • CTA (Chicago, IL)
  • MTA (New York, NY) 

Trains, stations, and buses are normally cleaned every day and disinfected as needed. Now, we're disinfecting stations and high-touch surfaces—like turnstiles, ticket machines, and handrails—twice a day. Our cleaners are working to disinfect trains, cars, and buses every day, with the entire active service fleet being covered every 72 hours. And Access-A-Ride vehicles are disinfected every day. We're using CDC-endorsed cleaning products.” (MTA)

Back-door boarding

  • King County Metro (Seattle, WA) 
  • MTA (New York, NY)
  • MBTA (Boston, MA)

“Effective Saturday, March 21, the MBTA will implement rear-door boarding on all MBTA buses and trolleys at street-level stops on the Green Line and Mattapan Line. Anyone needing to use the front door, including seniors and people with disabilities, may continue to do so.“These new measures further the T’s support for social distancing and are aligned with Governor Baker’s State of Emergency declaration. They are in addition to service revisions implemented earlier this week that resulted in broad reductions in service to protect the health and safety of the MBTA’s workforce and customers.” (MBTA)

Barrier to protect driver

  • TTC (Toronto, ON)
  • DDOT (Detroit, MI) 
  • King County Metro (Seattle, WA)

Other responses

  • Limiting passenger load per vehicle: Metro (Houston, TX)
  • Encouraging riders to exit through back doors: Metro Transit (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Automatic door-opening on light-rail services: Transport for NSW (Sydney, NSW)

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