Communication to Riders

All 95+ agencies that responded to our survey are communicating with riders about COVID-19.  Over 75% of responding agencies are using social media and website updates, while just under half have posted a special banner on their website homepage. Slightly less than half have posted signs in public areas or reached out to local news media. Over a third are publishing route-specific or network-wide service alerts through an official or endorsed agency app, or through opt-in text and email alerts to riders. About a quarter have placed a message on the home screen of an app, about the same proportion that have posted a letter from the CEO or general manager. A handful of agencies have tasked their fare inspectors or other customer-facing personnel with disseminating information in-person to customers. 

Examples of each policy, as implemented by transit agencies:  

  • Social media outreach from MDOT MTA (Baltimore, MD)
  • Website updates from BART (San Francisco, CA)
  • Message from the CEO from Metra (Chicago, IL)
  • Local news media outreach from Auckland Transport (Auckland, NZ)
  • Text/email alerts signup page from CTA (Chicago, IL)
  • Public signage from MBTA (Boston, MA)
  • Website banner from ETS (Edmonton, AB)
  • In-app banner: UTA (Salt Lake City, UT); MBTA (Boston, MA); MTA (Baltimore, MD)
  • In-person communications from fare inspectors/personnel: TTC (Toronto, ON); King County Metro (Seattle, WA)
  • In-app service alerts: Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica, CA) 

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